Would You Let a Former 'House Thief' Create Health Marketing Sales Messages For You?

CRAIG HARRISON - Helps business owners get more sales through direct response advertising

In 2006 I was repossessing houses for a living at the largest volume legal service provider in the UK.

It’s a horrible, horrible feeling telling a bailiff to evict someone you know is in a vulnerable position or has children to take care of.

I knew it wasn't my fault, but I still at times felt like I had 'stolen' someone's home (and was accused of the same more than once, hence 'house thief'.)

Anyway, I moved on and thrust myself into the job of negotiating claims. The claims related to negligence by other law firms. These firms hated my guts.

And at first, I was completely clueless

I’d never really been in a position before where I had to persuade.

I had no idea how to handle objections, my collection letters were poor, I was a nervous wreck on the phone and I had no system in place.

Our dept was losing money.

We were losing claims left, right and centre. (I still recall the emergency meeting that made it clear to me the dire situation we were in.)

We understood "the law" - but didn't understand persuasion. It was hopeless. 

However, with the help of a mentor (and some classic books on persuasion), I helped turn the department around.

It didn't all happen overnight.

Small changes were made over time through "Kaizen". (Kaizen means "change good" or "continuous improvement".)

Yet these small changes led to some great, and very profitable results for the business.

And in the end, I brought in around £1,400,000 in a little over 4 years.

It will probably have been more, as I had some huge ‘winners’ during this time. And nearly all of it was ...

By using the power of the written word

I’m not saying that to ‘boast’. 

In fact, I wasn’t doing anything particularly amazing.

You see, although I learned a little bit about litigation, I knew almost next to nothing about court procedures, compliance and law. Just enough to “get by”.

Instead, I focused on simple psychology, persuasion, phone scripts and writing letters that brought in money.

I discovered a lot of this simple persuasion from classic marketing books especially The Robert Collier Letter Book and Influence by Cialdini. (By the way - buy these books!)

Sadly, that work dried up and I was shunted back into the ‘house thief’ position in the same company!

Although I handled the change well, I eventually left the firm.

Now, I combine my passion for natural health and fitness with my ability to persuade.

Isn’t that better? To try and make the world a better place?

To help you sell more of your products?

Goods and services that bring relief from pain and suffering, boost people’s confidence, health and well-being?

I think so.

It sure beats being someone who sues people or makes them homeless, don't you think?

(I also have a very personal reason as to why I write for the natural health markets, which I might explain to you if we get talking in person.)

Want to know more about me?

I like to do Hanna Somatic & Feldenkrais exercises in the morning and have recently got into Chi Kung.

When I’m not researching or writing, I like to spend my time studying and learning persuasion and marketing (how sad), making an awful noise on my guitar, listening to music, meeting up with friends to chat about films, politics, current events and books. 

I also spend time despairing at how rubbish Leeds United football club currently are. (Update - they're now top of the league!)

Health though, means a great deal to me

You see, I think it’s vital that we seek to improve our own health and well-being.

Here in the UK, our health service (the NHS) is being deliberately underfunded on top of mismanagement. 

In the USA, something in the region of 643,000 people each year go bankrupt due to medical bills. 

Apparently, there's a pension crisis looming, and more and more people are reaching retirement age without enough cash.

Already I've seen reports of people going back to work in their 60's at places like McDonalds.

And sadly, a lot of people hitting their 60's an 70's are doing so in very bad health.

It’s very sad to see so many people in such poor health.

It also gets me a little bit mad at times too!

(I've also faced ill-health earlier in life. Mainly due to an awful diet and zero understanding at the time how to deal with stress. In fact, I'm convinced that's why I lost lots of hair in my late teens and early 20's!)

That’s why I believe you’re important.

If you want to help people with their health, and make a great profit at the same time, I can write the persuasive direct response sales copy that your product or service needs.

The type of conversational sales copy that brings in leads and sales - unlike "fake" brand advertising. 

Are you that person?

Do you have a great product or service that can enhance your customers lives?

Do you want to create irresistible offers? Do you need some help selling supplements, super foods or herbs? Are selling health information products or coaching? Are looking for a particular service? 

If so, simply ​fill in the form below, call me on 07950 322137 or email me at craig@kaizenhealthmarketing.com.

It would be better if you filled out the form so that any discussion we have can run smoothly. 

Thanks for reading.

Craig Harrison


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