Marketing to seniors. How to sell to a health conscious, cash rich market

marketing to seniors report

Are you selling health products, supplements or health info-products? If so, you might want to read this article about marketing to seniors. You see, seniors and baby boomers have most of the health issues in society. Not only that, they hold 70% of the wealth. Yet, how do seniors and baby boomers think? What goes on inside their heads? Where can they be reached? And how do you advertise to them? I reveal all of this here, including the traffic source used by 30 MILLION seniors and baby boomers every single day …

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Video sales letter secrets. Simple tricks to turn viewers into buyers

vsl book cover

Do you want to know how to create a video sales letter? If so, this article reveals how to do so, whether you want to craft your own from scratch … or … outsource it to give you more free time. Plus, it includes, video sales letter page layouts, shortcut slide creation tricks and the underused “propeller” trick that compels your viewer to watch every single slide. Dig in by clicking the “continue reading” button …

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How to create a sales letter in 11 simple steps

How to Write a Sales letter Cover

He was struggling to get his business up and running. Worse still, he was down to his last $3,500. Panicking, he contacted a copywriter who was making a name for himself in the advertising industry. They met in a hotel and the copywriter took notes for the next 4 hours. Later, the copywriter and his wife were going out for the evening. The copywriter created the whole ad whilst his wife got dressed and put her makeup on! That company is now a $100m health and business publishing monster. Here’s how you too can create a hot advert or sales letter in minimal time …

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How this free lead generation report made $3.5m in 12 months

bait piece lead generation

Are you looking to create a lead generation magnet? Before you do, you might want to read this article. Why? Well, it reveals how this report was downloaded over 2 million times … made $3.5m in sales in just 12 months … and 12 years later it’s still making sales. There’s 7 key elements of a successful lead generation magnet. Double check before you publish that you’ve got these bases covered.

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How to use Direct Mail to sell health products, supplements and information products

profit through the post

Think direct mail is dead? Well, you’re wrong. It’s alive and well. So much so, even Google, Amazon and Facebook now use it. And it’s a perfect channel for health products, supplements and info-products. In this article you’ll be shown the secrets behind a 1-page sales letter that was mailed 600,000,000 times … brought in 7,300,000 orders … and $58,900,000 in sales. Many consider it to be one of the greatest direct mail sales letters of all time. I’ll let you be the judge when you see it …

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How to create a customer avatar worth $1,390

how to create a customer avatar

Looking for information about how to create a customer avatar? You’re in the right place. In this free article, you’ll discover how to create your customer avatar in 10 simple steps. Plus, you’ll receive a shortcut method which lets you create a customer avatar today. Even better, you don’t need any expensive software. The best data is hidden in an unusual place you’ve overlooked …

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How to advertise supplements and health products

how to advertise supplements

Are you looking for information about how to sell health products? Maybe health supplements or information products? If so, I want you to take a peek at the advertisement on this page. What do you notice? Now, look further down the page. Why? Well, you’ll finally discover the truth about how to sell health products, including a message from the “godfather of modern advertising” …

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